April 27, 2015

PDiF - Assist in Teaching, Learning & Research needs

Hello and welcome to PDiF Research Consultancy’s website!

This company was set up in 2009 in response to needs in three distinct areas: Teaching, Learning and Research.

At PDiF we recognise that there is a need to support teachers in what they do every day in the classroom or outside of it. We know that it takes a lot to produce and deliver high-quality lessons that continue to remain relevant and engaging to students living in the “new media” age. That’s where we can help. Simply click on the tab marked “Our Services” to sample our teacher support service packages.

At PDiF we are excited about learning especially learning that is experiential and takes place outside the classroom. Our “Learning Journey” packages are meant to assist teachers and school leaders in preparing for these journeys. We will conceptualise, plan and help teachers administer these journeys – freeing teachers to concentrate on their core professional duties.

Here at PDiF we are also equally committed to the outcome of teaching and learning – Theses, Research reports etc. We are committed to helping lifelong learners and researchers refine and improve the products of their research. We do this by offering bibliographic searches, editorial and vetting services as well as professional advice especially in the areas of comparative politics and traditional public administration. Simply refer to our Research packages to view a comprehensive list of services to suit your current or future needs.

Once again...a warm welcome to our site and we hope that you will take the first step in your journey of Teaching, Learning and Research with us....